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Ремонт карданных валов, балансировка карданного вала. Ремонт карданов Киев | - балансировка кардана Украина

Welcome to Ремкардан | Професcиональный ремонт и диагностика карданных валов

Dear sirs!

Let us introduce you to service of repairing driveshafts of soviet and foreigner manufacturing. We can repair different complexity in a short time with warranty and low price. We are repairing driveshafts since 1999.


We are happy to do custom services like:

-Driveshafts diagnostics

-U-joint replacement

-U-joint replacement of foreign cars by rolling method

-Intermediate support replacement

-Dynamic balancing of driveshafts

-Splines replacement

-Possibility of using original parts of EC production

-Driveshafts tube replacement

-Change of height and construction of driveshafts

-Driveshafts alignment

-Repairing of links and nodes driveline

-Replacement of Foreign joints and propeller shaft assemblies for domestic



Remkardan is an official dealer of Kherson driveshafts factory and working on it’s base.

Professional repairing and diagnostic of driveshafts. Custom driveshafts manufacturing.

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